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Flashlight Troubleshooting Tips


Many new Mark 3 versions of popular Zebralight models now require the use of a high drain unprotected 18650 Li-Ion batteries to properly function. Zebralight recommends the Panasonic NCR18650GA for their flashlights.  Because these batteries DO NOT have a built-in protection circuit you must use a Li-Ion battery charger that offers a safety cut-off such as the XTAR series of chargers.  Unless you have the proper training you should never use non-regulated hobby chargers to charge unprotected Li-Ion batteries.


1.  Make sure you are using quality Lithium Ion or NiHM batteries.  Standard alkaline batteries or factory second/house brands are not capable of producing the proper current high powered flashlights demand.  Brands such as Trustfire, Ultrafire or Nuon should be avoided.  Eneloop NiHM batteries by Sanyo/Panasonic are recommended for flashlights requiring an AA power source.  Lithium Ion batteries utilizing a Panasonic, LG, Samsung or eFest core are recommended for flashlights requiring an 18650 power source.   If possible always test a second battery and flashlight to help narrow down what  component might be causing your issue.

2.  Make sure your tailcap is fully tightened.  This completes the electrical circuit and being even a quarter turn lose can be the cause of the flashlight failing to operate.  18650 batteries vary in length and longer batteries can be a tight fit.  This can make it seem like the tailcap is fully tightened when in actually is not.

3.  Make sure your tailcap and body threads, o-rings and battery contacts are properly lubricated with electrical grade silicion grease.  We offer XTAR brand grease in the store for just $2 each.  It does not take much so just one container should be all you need for years of reliable service.